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3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film

Las Vegas Car Window Tinting

Top of the line window tinting product offering a wide range of shades from fairly light to very dark. All shades allow for 99.9% UV rejection and from 90 – 97% infrared rejection. This window film keeps up to 60% of the heat out of your car transmitted through the windows. Great value, and supported by the Skin Cancer Foundation, this platinum grade product will leave you cool and satisfied.


3M Color Stable Series

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With an SPF rating of over 1000 this film will stop those harmful rays from attacking your skin. This product is guaranteed never to fade to purple over time. This film offers excellent heat rejection and 99% UV rejection for comfort. Glare is reduced from
56 – 90% in the multiple shades available.

3M FX Premium

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This high end window film provides up to 93% glare reduction and rejects up to 45% of solar energy. Ranging from 58% to only 6% visible light able to pass through, the FX Premium line will give you grade A privacy. This is also a recommended product of Skin Cancer Foundation.

PPF – Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film, otherwise known as PPF or Clear Bra, is nearly invisible protection for the painted surfaces of your car. Installed to protect your caar’s paint from chipping due to rocks, sand, road debris, and bug acids. 3M manufacturers three lines of PPF: Scotchgard™ Pro Series, Scotchgard™and VentureShield®.