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Watch the video how chocolate melts using traditional window tint film vs. 3M Crystalline auto window film, which has heat rejection capabilities. Call us with your questions.

3M Crystalline Window Film Heat Rejection Capabilities vs Standard Films Using Chocolate

intershine tintingRejecting Uv and other rays

Protection for your eyes

relax intershine tinting las vegas
intershine auto tinting las vegasCools the temperature inside your car

Privacy for you and your belongings

intershine auto tinting
Car Window Tint Las VegasProlonged life of your of your cars interior.


Higher resale value


intershine auto tinting las vegas

Block UV Rays

The film can block 99% of UV (ultraviolet rays) which keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun shinning on your skin.
Better Driving

Preventing glare from the sun and extrme light while driving can aid in better driving. Safe driving!


Tinted car windows can help in improving your interior privacy. We still recommend you hide or place your valuables into the trunk but its much more private having your car windows tinted.